Doug Stanhope’s Big Stink Tour

4-color screen printed poster

There are still a few of these left at IWO HQ and you can have one for your very own!

Give me a holler if you’re interested.

Stanhope kinda turned me loose on this.

For his 2013 Big Stink tour with Junior Stopka, Doug wanted something featuring the crew in a Cuckoo’s Nest-themed layout. He sent me a photo of himself, Junior and his lady Bingo and I took it from there. After the initial thumbs were sent out he decided he’d rather have an illustration of him as a fetus in a jar and Junior as a carnival barker. There you go.

Somewhere along the line, a run of large-format screenprints was suggested. Danger Press here in Atlanta did the printing and they came out sexy as heck. The multiple colors in the layout were achieved through overlaying different size halftone patterns for each of the four colors. Science!