All about Me

Head Honcho, Jordan D. Gum, seen here frozen in a moment of evolution and self-reflection

Hello, Friend!

If you’ve made it this far, you must be bored. Shall I tell you a story?

In the 1,978th Anno Domini Solar Cycle of the planet Earth I was born a gooey mess in the frozen wasteland of a place called Canton, Ohio.

Some years later I traveled south to the sticky blast furnace of Atlanta, Georgia to study Graphic Design at Georgia State University, where I was deemed worthy of a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in the solar year 2003.

Then I worked for Adult Swim for nearly eight years, leaving as Senior Designer on in 2012. In that time I honed my craft and developed an affinity for visually abusive color combinations. From 2012 to 2014, I served as a UX/UI and Visual Designer for Macmillan Higher Education. During my time with Macmillan I increased my knowledge of user experience design and took part in developing web-based learning tools in various capacities. From Spring of 2015 to Spring 2016, I held several positions at KDS, a boutique branding and marketing firm in Atlanta, first as Director of The Interactive Studio, then as Creative Director. In that time I oversaw the design and development of multiple websites and stand-alone touchscreen projects. I also managed a team of designers and developers and directed the both the creative and technical aspects of all marketing packages created for the studio’s clients.

Throughout my career I have also been fortunate enough to take on many other exciting projects for many different clients. I’ve designed logos for television shows. I’ve crafted multitudes of posters for local music venues and musicians (one time screen printed in 3D, with glasses and everything!), vinyl, CD, and DVD packaging for known and unknown musicians and comedians and a plethora of other interactive, print and broadcast/video projects. I feel that I’ve dipped my tootsies in many a varied stream and have come away a better person for it.

So, what does all this mean for you, gentle reader? Well, what it means is that I’ve got a truckload of experience and expertise which you are more than welcome to. Have a business that needs a website? No problem. Have a film or video piece that needs a physical dvd package and animated menus? No problem. Have a snake in your basement? Problem. Call Animal Control. I don’t dig snakes.

In conclusion, I work hard and I do it all for you. And money. Shasta!

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